Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club
Morning Meeting starts at 7:00 am
Buffalo Nickel
105 S. Llano
(Parking available across the street)
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New Buddies were drawn from the bucket during our meeting January 14, 2016
Bill Phillpotts - John Martin
Susan Kimbrell - Leigh Dempsey
Ross Bigelow - Misty McDonald
David Hardison - Jeff Bouwman
Bob Hickerson - Joleen Herman
Judy Frazier - Justin Hill
Alice White - Liz Althaus
Rex White - Luzaan Odendaal
Brad Schneider - Mary Beth Kendrick
Karen Pooser - Eric Wright
Dona Drew - Bonnie Beckmann
Lorrie Hess - Della Zey
Mike Drew - Joseph Stone
Joyce Spisak - John Hutcherson
Max Beckmann - Lynne Parker
Sarah Eckert - Becky Daley
Janie Bailey - Lynda Donato - Katie Bradford
Jake Whittington - Marc Bennett
Judy Hutcherson - Carole Reed
Cathy Welliver - Rozanne Blake
Jim Overman - Hugh Fuller

Thank you Alice for the following suggestions for speakers to our Club.  You can contact each of these speakers directly - just tell them "Alice gave me your name". 
For El Salvador, Jordan Eberlein would like to present Project Red Foundation.  Jordan can be reached by email Dr. Becky's friend, Annie Stadig, will be available to speak to us
about her travels to Vietnam.  Annie's subject is "Stickswap". Barbara K., head of the OTTER program, would like to speak to our club.  Her cell# is 830-998-6815. Another local speaker is Jane Woellhof.  Jane is a member of the Gillespie Country Schools Assoc. Jane's email is   Again, you can contact these speakers directly. 

Dr. Eric has asked Amanda Hardwick, our FMS Interact sponsor, to come back and talk to us further about this new club's activities.  Don't forget that our meeting starts at 7:00 am at the Buffalo Nickel.  If you like to eat breakfast, please come earlier.  See you Thursday!

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